A New Day…

Welcome to my Crockpot where all good things take time to simmer.

My life a whirlwind? YES! That would be exactly the best way to wrap up and describe the last year of my life. This crazy emotional roller coaster has taken me higher than Mt. Everest and lower than a belly of a snake. Whew, the journey has been totally exhausting, but worth every minute! As I reflect back to last December, I think of the broken hard drive in my mind.  I needed a desperate reboot. The broken body that continued to expand to large proportions of unhealthiness.  Sigh…I simply was losing the battle of me. Within that same month, the journey would begin on how to love myself authentically and I haven’t turned back ever since.  I find it absolu Today tely perplexing that God would take something so simple as tearing paper to allow me to be still and listen.

, I celebrate the fruits of my journey. A newly installed and “reformatted hard drive” in my mind.  This would prove to be the biggest mountain to climb to date. The weight loss was just an outward sign to allow others to inquire about what was really going on within my heart and mind. Really God, you think of everything! This website has been a true labor of love and I am proud to present to you The Torn Edge website and blog.

**Please note that is a grace filled blog.  If someone is looking for a perfected and scripted blog, then I must direct them on. My words are driven from my heart and are full of passion. This combination doesn’t always embrace proper grammer and punctuation.  Smiles and love always…Michelle