A view from Chloe

The Torn Edge by Chloe (my 9 year old daughter)

My mom has worked hard for The Torn Edge and I am proud of her.  She has gone to churches and has spoken.  I don’t know what she is saying because I am in children’s church, but I really know that she has worked really hard.  She talks about many words.  My favorite word and piece of art is compassion.

Compassion is a way of LOVE.

There is a girl at school that has autism.  Every once in awhile I’ll go push her at recess in her wheelchair.  I feel like I want to help her because it makes her happy.  I like to high five her and walk her around at recess where other people get to high five her too.  I also like to sing to her and she just smiles.  I feel like I can help someone have a better life.  She is a wonderful person.  Not everyone has that kind of happiness.  You can look into her eyes and know that you are making a connection.  It is important to help people that are in need with the compassion that you have in your heart.

**Please note this is a grace filled blog.  If someone is looking for a perfected and scripted blog, then I must direct them on. My words are driven from my heart and are full of passion. This combination doesn’t always embrace proper grammer and punctuation.  Smiles and love always…Michelle