“Sweetly Broken” with Guest Blogger ~ Diana Foster

“Sweetly Broken”

What happens when the creative minds of The Torn Edge & The Studio 56 collide?

An organic and creative explosion occurs within our hearts.

As a child, our hearts are whole and perfect, but through life experiences, hearts get broken, torn, and distressed. As we begin our journey today, our candy bar was whole and perfect. The pounding and breaking symbolize our life experiences that leave pieces scattered everywhere. We have many imperfect pieces of our hearts and when we were arrange the pieces back together to make whole again, they create something beautiful and purposeful .
Even though it is in pieces, the heart is now whole and connected.

Every heart is WORTHY of authentic, meaningful love!

Just a little something about the girls behind “Sweetly Broken”

Michelle Gressel ~ Artist, Speaker, Arranger
Growing up as a country girl in rural Kansas, I had a lot of time on my hands to be creative. I explored my big imagination with everything from masterful mud pies to crafty crafts for 4-H. I was simply on creative fire during those uninhibited years.

Diana Foster ~ A free-lance Photographer and Fine Art Card Designer
A belief in capturing everyday life in beautiful and unexpected ways, drives my art. Inspiration comes from being awake enough to recognize a compelling story just waiting to be told. I am a lifestyle photographer living and creating in Kansas City.