The Torn Edge works with The TRAILS program of the Gardner Edgerton School District

The TRAILS Program

Artists with some heART…
A new chapter has begun with The Torn Edge and The TRAILS (The Transition Readiness and Independent Living Skills) Program with the Gardner Edgerton School District. The TRAILS program is a community-based transition program designed to assist the progression from to school life to adult life. The program is a collaborative effort between the young adults, parents, Gardner Edgerton School District, and adult service providers. The goal of this program is to promote the development of increased independence and life skills for the participants.
Over the last couple of years, I have watch a local coffee house (Groundhouse Coffee) work with a young man to help promote these above things within his work life. I have observed the positive interaction not only with the staff, but the daily customers that have become accustomed to his contagious smile. This positive experience planted a seed, in my head, that I would like to participate when The Torn Edge is a full time heART business.
Last Spring, I began volunteering with the JCDS Emerging Artists program. This program opportunity began watering that planted seed from the experience at Groundhouse. The ideas began to spin non-stop about a future collaboration with the program. Creativity truly has no boundaries and these brilliant minds needed another introduction to a potential passion of art and a career. Life has many options of work and the TRAILS program needed another industry to introduce these young adults to within their listed job sites.
Last spring, I contacted the school district to see if The Torn Edge could participate in the program as a future job site. I was enthusiastically welcomed. Many job sites have to be approached to be a location for these young adults, but my approach, to ask, was rare to the district. I realize this is a simple, but yet an impactful gift that I can give back to my community. This job site is not just about slapping some paint on a piece or helping me with job duties around the studio, it is MORE about the deeper meaning of the heART and life journeys they represent. These continual conversations matter long term.
During the next several months, these young adults will be creating art to be shared with the district, friends and family of these talents artists. All careers have their perks, this one has the perk to create and share their creativity during their journey of learning a creative business along with me. A exhibition will be planned closer to the holiday season.
P.S. When this young lady arrived in shorts, sassy boots and belt on for the second week of work, I knew this was a good thing. #MakeAPositiveImpression #heARTwork #LoveBoots