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The Torn Edge ministry heals through art…

Torn Edge ministry heals through art BY HELEN T. GRAY The Kansas City Star Michelle Gressel of Gardner creates artwork that represents emotional and spiritual healing, caling her business/ministry The Torn Edge. FOR MORE INFORMATION Go to More News Torn Edge ministry heals through art Sikhs have a proud tradition that begins in India Candlelight vigil honors Sikhs killed… Read more →

The Torn Edge with “The Perk” on 1510 ESPN Radio

Well I survived my first live radio show today. Spent time with “The Perk Girls” on 1510 ESPN Radio. What a fantastic experience of being me and not hiding behind a mask of perfection. One of the most comfortable moments of my life with media. Mar 6, 2012 by The Girls Happy Hour With the Girls! I can’t believe… Read more →

“Sweetly Broken” with Guest Blogger ~ Diana Foster

“Sweetly Broken” What happens when the creative minds of The Torn Edge & The Studio 56 collide? An organic and creative explosion occurs within our hearts. As a child, our hearts are whole and perfect, but through life experiences, hearts get broken, torn, and distressed. As we begin our journey today, our candy bar was whole and perfect. The pounding… Read more →

The Torn Edge…Putting the Pieces Together Thank you to Bret Bourquin, owner of Storylight Studios for helping me navigate this vision through a media outlet.  The video is amazing piece of work!  Bret and Shawn…Thank YOU!  A great piece about regaining our life through arranging The Torn Edges.   **Please note this is a grace filled blog.  If someone is looking for a perfected and… Read more →