speak·er: noun  1. a person who speaks.  2. a person who speaks formally before an audience; lecturer; orator.  ~Dictionary.com

When I come to speak at an event, I share The Torn Edges of my own life.  Our time together is embraced with vulnerability, truth, and a whole lot of grace.  The Torn Edges of our lives are real and they are everywhere.  When we let go of those torn edges to God, we surrender the guilt and shame. God creates something beautiful and purposeful from those torn edges so we can feel true, authentic forgiveness.  At the end of our time together, I leave pieces of paper, markers, and a basket on a table to allow people to let go of their torn edges.  This is to symbolize The Torn Edge(s) that we carry around in our heART.  I am passionate about taking the pieces and arranging them on canvas. Once the pieces are arranged, they are given to the organization to sit as a constant reminder that we are all broken and torn.  It is important to recognize The Torn Edges of paper are parallel to the The Torn Edges of our lives.  When we arrange those edges, whether they paper or in our heART, they make something beautiful and purposeful.




I was already emotional when I arrived at church on October 23rd. You see, the kids and I had planned to spend the weekend with my side of the family in Hoisington that weekend, but Marly had a cheer game rescheduled at the last minute for Saturday. I hadn’t seen my parents or my sister and her family since July, so needless to say, I was disappointed to be in Gardner that weekend. My mood soon changed after hearing your message. Your vulnerability and courage touched me. At some point during your message it struck me…there was a reason I was not meant to go home that weekend. I truly believe God wanted me to hear your message of authentic forgiveness and contentment. A sense of peace came over me that morning. Your message was beautiful and I am beginning the journey of learning to appreciate the pieces of beauty that lie within me. Christy H.